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Top-secret project secret no more!
Bar Harbor
I'm a bit late in announcing this, but the first trailer for the top-secret project I've been working on for ages is now out! Part of the reason for the delay was that I wanted to write up a descriptive track for my non-sighted friends.

The Irrational Games logo (A stylized, black-and-white "i", backed by a starburst, with the full name on a red banner around the i).

As deep, forboding music plays, we fade up from black to dark green, underwater, with bubbles obscuring our view. The camera pans quickly over watery plant life and rocks, looking at the ground. As we pan further, we slowly tilt up. We see a figure in a diving suit with a drill mounted on one hand -- a Big Daddy maybe? A small dark shape is in front of him; perhaps some sort of box with an open lid?

Topping a rise, we see the outline of buildings, backlit in blue light, as the music crescendos. A huge, yet somehow familiar-looking fish swims past towards the towers. [Around now, the audience is thinking "Oh, another BioShock game set in a city under the sea; been there, done that..."]

The camera shakes, and we start to hear gurgling and see bubbles. Light comes on the front of the scene, and our sense of scale suddenly snaps down: the 'huge' fish is an ordinary goldfish; the 'city skyline' is a diorama souvenir labeled "1893 CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR".

Camera ratchets back, FAST. Our viewpoint character gasps, having clearly just had his head dunked in a rectangular fishtank.

The camera spins wildly, as we are buffeted about by some out-of-focus... thing. Gasping, our hands splayed in front of us, we look up from the floor. The fishtank sits, serenely blue-lit, in a darkened space.

Our gaze shifts back to the floor. The 'Big Daddy' figure from the fish tank -- along with the treasure chest he was standing in front of -- are lying sideways on the wooden floor in a slight puddle. A huge metal boot SMASHES the figurine into flinders, right in front of us! There's just enough light to see the mechancially-armatured fingers of a huge hand flexing.

The hand grabs us and picks us up, despite our incohate struggling. As we are lifted up past the creature, we see inside a glass plate on its... chest? A bunch of metal tubes leading into -- is that a beating heart?

The creature hurls us across the room, towards a pair of windows. Tumbling through the air, we can't get a good look, but there is some golden light streaming into the room. The glass is in small, patterend panes, quite pretty. But before we have time to appreciate them, we SMASH though them!

Time seems to slow down briefly, as we hang in mid-aid, among the shattered pieces of glass. Blue sky, scattered clouds, blindingly bright golden sun. American flags flying. And tall, tall buildings, hanging in the sky like clouds. Balconies, and clock towers, and... oh right, falling.

Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Falling past the building facades. Green fields are visible, miles below. We can see giant propellers moving just beneath some of the buildings. Just below us, a small dirigible -- can we grab it?

More wild camera-spinning as we bounce off the dirigible. Our hands reach out in clawing panic, as we slide down the side. We get a grip on some fabric, but it tears and we keep falling -- and stop. The cloth is holding, and we're hanging on for dear life.

As we spin in the wind, we see the propellers moving the little dirigible. Buildings covered in ivy, billboards, and red-white-and-blue bunting loom in the distance.

One billboard is close enough to get a good look at. The text reads "Burden NOT Columbia with your CHAFF!" A dark-haired woman in an American-flag-based costume holds a pristine infant to her left breast as she moves towards the light. Her right hand is stretched out behind her, palm raised, rejecting the sickly child being offered to her by an out of sight figure.

We begin to hear a gramophone playing "You're a Grand Old Flag". As the dirigible moves on, a balcony comes into view. On it, a man in a suit faces the gramophone, 'directing' it as if he was in front of an orchestra.

The sun momentarily blinds us. Then we see a building rushing up through some nearby clouds. It has a cluster of huge balloons attached to its base. As it rises, we see an undercarriage with engines shooting huge gouts of flames into the open bottoms of the balloons.

What's that ripping sound? Our handhold is giving way! It tears free, aand we fall again! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!

As we fall past facades of a lower tier of buildings, suddenly something shoots out from one of them, underneath us. We find ourselves floating... amidst a cloud of roses? We look around, and see that the roses, along with us, are being slowly pulled by some unseen force, towards an ornate Art Nouveau balcony of marble, iron, and brick. There are the remains of some rose bushes on the ironwork. Standing on the balcony is a young woman, reaching out to you. She has short dark hair, and a blue-and-yellow outfit that displays a fair amount of cleavage.

As you near her, floating only a few feet away, you see something moving in the darkness behind the balcony doors. A familiar looking huge articulated mechanical hand reaches out, and grabs her around the waist. She looks down, then up at you, in surprised panic. Her scream is cut off as she is yanked backwards, and the ornate balcony doors slam shut.

The roses start to fall, and so do you. Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Past more facades, and flags, but we're running out of buildings... We catch up to a falling rose, and smash-cut to black.

Fade up from black on the logo. You can hear obscure radio chatter, though the word 'Columbia' comes through. "Bioshock Infinite". The logo is somewat similar to the original Bioshock logo, only with a more patriotic theme, and a tattered flag hanging from the bottom.

Now that the game has been announced, we're already starting to get fan art. Here's my favorite piece so far. And once again, a descriptive track for those as need one:

It's a 4-panel cartoon.
Panel 1: A screaming cartoon man falling through the clouds.
Panel 2: A cartoon woman on a balcony gestures, and roses start flowing out. "ROSE POWER"
Panel 3: The cartoon man sitting in a pile of roses. "I have miraculously stopped falling!"
Panel 4: Looking at the woman on the balcony again. "ROSE POWER!"

I'm not sure why, but I just love the phrase "ROSE POWER!" :-)

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I'm very intrigued by the patriotic posters. Managed to suss out the title of another "Holy Duty" but couldn't read the rest in the freeze-frame.

I showed the teaser to A&E since they were interested in what you do for work.

Ooooh, lovely. Grumbling now because you are making me need to acquire a game system I didn't otherwise want and will have to hide from the kids :o)

I'm pretty sure we'll be coming out on PC, if you have one of those.

Nope, more likely to get a PS3 than any of the other supported systems. On the other hand, there is plenty of time between now and 2012 to shop.

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