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Cheap dice actually do roll more 1s
Bar Harbor
A scientific study shows that Games Workshop dice roll 1s 29% of the time!

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Whatever statistical value that piece may hold is put into question by the author's repeated use of "dice" (plural) to denote a single die. I'm not going to trust the experimental procedure and statistical analysis of someone who can't manage to get subject-verb agreement. :/

He has trouble with affect/effect, too, but I'm not going to hold that against his results.

I noticed that too, every time. But I agree with cvirtue that it's irrelevant. My English teacher in HS senior year, one of the best friends and best English teachers I ever had, had problems with spelling.

I'm on your side on "one die, multiple dice", but it's a losing battle in the long term. We specen not lic Eadweard cyning. (That's almost certainly ungrammatical -- I haven't studied Old English for mumble mumble -- but it's certainly true.)

Gonna signal boost this.

Me, I'm seriously considering buying new dice... I figure that numbered d6s are probably a decent half-measure... a 6 has more negative space than a 1, but not by a lot, and they're a hell of a lot cheaper than Vegas dice.

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