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Catholic Schoolgirls: Hot or Not?
Bar Harbor
Poll #1573839 Catholic Schoolgirls

Please answer only if you normally are attracted to women

I was raised Catholic, and find Catholic Schoolgirl outfits arousing
I was NOT raised Catholic, and I find Catholic Schoolgirl outfits arousing
I was raised Catholic, but I do NOT find Catholic Schoolgirl outfits arousing
I was NOT raised Catholic, and I do NOT find Catholic Schoolgirl outfits arousing

A conversation last night brought into question whether Frank Miller's 300 actually contained *all* the Catholic schoolboy fetishes or not. The obvious rejoinder was that it clearly lacked Catholic Schoolgirls (having been set before the invention of plaid skirts). On further thought, however, I wonder if this fetish is actually correlated with Catholicism or not.

(I myself am a weird border case. I spent a few years in a Catholic grammar school, and it was during that period that I first began to think that girls might be something other than icky...)
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I feel that there should have been an option for schoolgirl outfits in general, as I don't find Catholic schoolgirl outfits hot (and yes, I spent three years as a Catholic schoolgirl in aplaid outfit), but I do think women in Hogwarts school uniforms are hot, especially bookworm Ravenclaws and bad-girl Slytherins.

I'm on the sorta-yes, sorta-no fence myself, I think it depends on the specifics of the person or image rather than simply the outfit.

OTOH, Kestrell's point makes me realize that the "hotness" isn't necessary part of the Catholic Schoolgirl Outfit itself, but the general hot girl in a uniform thing. See.. Sexy nurse, Sexy policewoman, etc.

This. I learned at an early age to judge books and schoolgirls by their contents rather than their cover/uniform.

Agreed. Though it is fair to add that, while content is what matters, a good cover can add to the quality of a good book.

But I also don't find the uniforms to be a turn off.

I went to a non-Catholic private school and we wore the classic outfits: plaid kilts, knee socks, crested blazers, &c.

Actually, the local Catholic school made their girls wear plaid jumpers. Distinctly not hot.

In the 60s, when, wearing my miniskirt, I took the public bus home from my public high school, we'd meet up with the Cathedral High girls a few stops down. Their plaid pleated skirts had to be knee length for school, but they'd immediately roll them up a few inches as soon as they got off the school grounds.

A few years ago, our daughter was a grad student at MIT at the same time a friend of ours, a professor there, was the residential adult in one of the dorms. He had a high school daughter who attended a local Sacred Heart, and my daughter was amused to hear freshmen boys professing agonized love for this young woman who was the baby sister of a couple of her lifelong friends. Unless those boys had been totally addled by too much anime, I suspect they were attracted to this girl less because she wore a Catholic school uniform than because she is bright, friendly, and extraordinarily beautiful.

Our kilts were *supposed* to hit mid-knee -- no shorter, but also no longer. I had some classmates infamous for using a stapler to "hem" their skirts to nearly pantie-flashing height.

I went to Catholic school, even though I'm protestant. Our uniforms were too itchy for me to consider them sexy. Plus, we were required to wear them below the knee (not that everyone obliged).

I answered "raised Catholic, but not aroused". The catch, though, is that I wasn't raised with Catholic school uniforms. I went to Catholic school through 10th grade, but I spent only one year at a school with uniforms—and they weren't that uniform; you just had to wear a white shirt and blue pants (not jeans). The girls were allowed, but not required, to wear skirts, which, I think, were allowed to be plaid.

Oh, and sweaters were allowed; I think they had to be blue.

I was only in Parochial School for a few years.

I'm not sure it is specifically Catholic Schoolgirl uniforms, as much as it is uniforms in general. Something about the dichotomy between professional dress and unprofessional behavior. CSUs do frequently pair a severe button up with a pleated skirt, which seems an odd combination, but can not the same attractions be made towards women in military uniforms? Was this not a WW2 parallel? What about blue-collar uniforms, a la Rosie the Riveter? Or the woman's three piece suit?

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