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Theater Envy
Bar Harbor
I have more disposable income than I used to, which is nice in many ways. But there are still things I want, but can't afford. Just got this announcement in my email:
Dear Friends

Punchdrunk and ENO are delighted to inform you that tickets for the
production of THE DUCHESS OF MALFI will be on sale from 10am on
Friday 4th June.

This is an unusual production for us in many, many ways, not least,
because there are only 13 public performances and it is unlikely that
the production will be repeated in the foreseeable future.

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI is an immersive opera, composed by Torsten
Rasch, with libretto by Ian Burton, featuring a cast of twenty
singers and performers and a full 69-strong symphony orchestra.

There are only 350 tickets per performance and if you are interested
in seeing this production, we strongly recommend that you book as
soon as possible.

Tickets are available ONLINE ONLY, at :

We hope to see you at one of the performances.

With all best wishes

I love Punchdrunk, and I love Webster... but I don't see any way of getting me and Kes to that show for less than about $2,500. Which is still considerably outside of my entertainment budget. Sigh...

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Damn. At least you can take comfort in knowing that your theater envy is shared...


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