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Strawberry update
Bar Harbor
On Sunday and Monday, I harvested 2 quarts each day. During the work week, I can't afford that much time. The strawberries are officially beyond my capacity to pick.

It came to my attention, late last year, that some people thought I was being either hyperbolic, or merely polite in my repeated offers to "Come to our house and pick strawberries! Any time! Please!" Not so. Even as I write this, perfectly good strawberries are rotting on the vine due to lack of attention. Please help us avoid (or at least reduce) this tragedy.

Come pick strawberries!

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I'm currently nomming my way through the 3 or 4 quarts my friend in Western Mass gifted me with.

I'll try and make it over there one day soon, as there is about to be strawberry mead in my future.

...well if you're gonna twist my arm...

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