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Strawberry report
Bar Harbor
Close to a quart this morning. July is definitely early this year. They're not yet ripening faster than I can pick in the morning, but that will happen soon. They *are* already ripening faster than the household can comfortably consume them. Feel free to drop by and harvest some for yourself!

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I missed the beginning of the strawberry saga. It sounds like you dug out your front lawn and replaced it with strawberry plants. Is that so? :o)

Technically, it was my landlord, herooftheage, that did that, over a decade ago now. He was tired of mowing grass :-)

But I have always been the most enthusiastic/persistent harvester in the household. I used to also do weeding, back when I was both younger and un- or under-employed, but we now have a gardener who does that.

The grass-replacement project also included some fruit trees. The plum tree died, but the two pear trees are high and thriving (their harvests are much later in the year). Rumor has it that we'll be getting in some raspberry canes this year...

If you look at the Google Maps satellite view of our house, the strawberry patch is most everything to the south of the curving pathway. Gravel patio at top right, palm trees at left, roses at south border. Sadly, this picture seems to have been taken in late winter, so the foliage is poor. Street view is from the fall. And hey! that's our gardener, Sue, out of focus at left :-)

Hooray! I was wondering how soon that'd happen. :)

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