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Kestrell and Alexx return to the Ocularist
Bar Harbor
kestrell has new eyeballs! 10 months of angst is *done*! (Save for another few followups, but hopefully those should be trauma-free...) Photo-essay follows. Fewer disturbing images than the last one, but still worth putting behind a cut.

On the T. This is, with luck, the last picture ever in which Kes is wearing an eye-bandage. Not that I objected to the bandage -- but the continual use of the tape did unpleasant things to her skin.

In the waiting room, showing off her "Advice from a Bat" sweatshirt.
[text: Trust in your senses | Spend time just hanging around with friends | Don't be afraid of the dark | Get a grip | Enjoy the nightlife | Sometimes you've just gotta wing it | Guano happens!]

In the chair, waiting for new eyes.

The new eyes, soaking.

The ocularist displays his handiwork.

Taking out the old left eye.

Here's a closeup of that suction-cup gadget I was talking about last time.

Awaiting new eyes.
[Kes: this is the point where the ocularist dropped my eye on the floor, because the silicone drops used for lubricating the eye make it extremely slippery.]

In with the left...

...and the right.

Delerium eyes!
[descriptive text: the right eye is bright emerald green, and the left eye is bright blue.]

Hmmm... The right eyelids aren't closing all the way yet. They're kind of atrophied after all this time. Kes: "It feels like I have a cow in my eye!"

Using a Sharpie to mark where he wants to trim down the size slightly.

Popping out the right eye with the suction cup, to do a little fine-tuning.

The left will also need a bit of adjustment. Kes demonstrates where it feels wrong.

The right eye is much improved. "Now it just feels like a small calf!"

Marking the left eye for adjustments.

And popping it out.

For the left eye, the old prosthetic is handy. The ocularist has Kes compare the old and new, to help identify exactly where the problem area is.

After adjustments, re-inserting the left eye.

Feeling much better, now!

On the T again, not wearing dark glasses for the first time in ages!

After all the trauma, it's time for a *full* makeover, so off to a hair salon.

Who is that woman with the straight, non-crazy hair?

By the eyes, it must be Kestrell!
Kes: The salonist really wanted to blowdry my hair straight, even though every fiber of my being defies straight; I indulged her, but this is unlikely to ever happen again. Still, this is me with straight hair.

ETA: Closing comments on this post due to excessive spam. If you want to comment, email me.
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Yay!!! They look really cool. Love the different colours.
(Frozen) (Thread)

I was totally cool with all the eye stuff, but the straight hair is freaking me right out.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Wow! I've only ever met Kestrell at Arisia, to which I am no longer local, and I don't think I've ever seen her w/o dark glasses.

The different eye colors are easier to see in the full-size pic.

Love the T-shirt text.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Looking great Kes! I'm delighted that you managed to get what you wanted out of the ocularists. Did you have to shop ocularists to find ones adequately biddable?
(Frozen) (Thread)

We didn't have to switch, but the very het white male ocularist did take a lot of convincing, and there was much eye-rolling on his part.
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Those are lovely! (the color really comes out in the large photo)
(Frozen) (Thread)

Beautiful! Although I agree, I'm not convinced by the straight-hair.
(Frozen) (Thread)

oooh cool

Your delirium eyes are pretty!
(Frozen) (Thread)

I loved reading these posts. Just fantastic and they really look great as well.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Here via officialgaiman - I just wanted to say that Kestrell's Delirium eyes are amazing, what a wonderful idea! It was really interesting to see the process as well - I had no idea what went into making prosthetic eyes. Thanks for sharing :)
(Frozen) (Thread) (Expand)

Also here from Gaiman. I found your description of the process really interesting, and the final eyes look really cool!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Visiting from Neil's site as well! Thank you for this, without this post I don't think it would have even occured to me to think about prosthetic eyes, their existence and the process of their making... And if I may say so, Kestrel, you look great with them!
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Here from Neil Gaiman's blog and I have to say I wasn't squicked at all by any of the pictures. The eyes look fantastic and, in the opinion of one who has only seen the pics on these few posts, somehow more natural than the other prosthetics - and, dare I say it, really suit Kes. Congratulations to Kes (and yourself) on being able to talk the professionals into doing what you want rather than what they try to tell you that you must want.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Very nice!

Like the incipient hoard, I'm here via Neil Gaiman's links, but in a demonstration of how small the Geek World is, I know I've run into you elsewhere... probably patrissimo's journal mainly.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Unlike everyone else, I came via your wife's LJ after reading some posts by her on elisem's LJ but now I'm curious what your connection to Patri is, because my sister went to college with him so now I'm wondering if you went to college with my sister.

(Also: the eyes are AWESOME. She mentioned in a post on Elise's making a key chain out of one of the old eyes -- any pictures of that?)
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Also here through Mr. Gaiman's LJ feed... thank you both for sharing! as others have said, the process was fascinating, and the finished job looks wonderful!

If it's not too much of me to say, I think Kestrel looks beautiful with either curly or straight hair - I can empathize with the "the hairdresser really wanted to..." bit!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Makes me want to paint eyeballs for a living!
(Frozen) (Thread)

Very cool! It doesn't hurt that Delerium (well, Delight, pre-change) is probably my favorite character from Sandman. Nice to see someone going with the look.

(Frozen) (Thread)

And I like the fact that Delirium has her own structural integrity issues--it makes it all very meta.
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