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Ocularist, part 4 (and last)
Bar Harbor
There were several more rounds of test fittings of the wax forms, but the pictures are pretty repetitive, so I'll only include a few that stand out in one way or another.

About to pop in the left eye.

"How do they feel when you close your eye *really* tight?"

Open wide, now.

Updating the alignment markings with a sharpie, while the eyes are being worn.

When the ocularist wants to take out a prosthetic (or wax form), they do it with a small blue suction-cup-on-a-stick device. They do this very quickly; these pictures are the closest I got to capturing the moment.

Another wide-open look at the wax prosthetics.

Once the basic fit seems good, she starts poking small holes at where the iris should go.

To do a final alignment check, small pegs are inserted at the iris point.

Fine tune the placement with the wax spatula.

Use the alcohol torch to soften the wax slightly, while adjusting the peg's angle.

Right wax form, with peg, installed for test fit.

Both pegs are in for the test-fit. As you can see, the eyes do not -- yet -- point in the same direction. That's what this step will fix. Ocularist joke: "Now we can call you Peggy!"

Re-inserting the left wax form, after some more adjustments.

"Hey Kes, it looks like you have laser turrets tracking in your eyeballs!"

That was pretty much it. [Kes: total time for all these processes, approx. 2.5 hours.] We return on Thursday the 8th to pick up the finished product!
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