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Ocularist, part 3
Bar Harbor

Meanwhile, the first pass at polishing the wax forms is finished. They have lines drawn on them with a sharpie, to help check the alignment.

Trying out the forms, left one first.

With only the vertical line visible, Kestrell looks a little like a cat!

And now the right one is in.

Trying to pinpoint location of a fitting problem on the right.

Still trying to get just the right shade of green for the iris.

Closeup of the green iris.

Both irises, with water drops.

Popping out the right eye, and checking the inside. A small ridge of scar tissue explains the discomfort.

One last color-check against the reference.

I noticed this Mickey Mouse with prosthetic eyes in one corner of the office. Creepy. [Kes: the ocularists had to sew upper and lower eyelids onto Mickey to keep the prosthetics in, but it seems Mickey requires even more eye alignments than I do.]

Another iris close-up, this one without any water.
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Came here from Neil Gaiman's journal

That picture with the right eye out makes me think that a set of ocular prosthetics that have teeth instead of eyes would be awesome!

Re: Came here from Neil Gaiman's journal

It was considered. But I would be too creeped out to kiss her while she was wearing those, which she considered a negative :-)

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