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Ocularist, part 2
Bar Harbor

The molds sit on the workbench, among a number of tools.

Next, the molds are placed in these little cups to invert the shape.

Meanwhile, the other ocularist is setting out his paints, so he can work on the irises.

This color chart is on the wall of the office.

The original molds are removed, leaving hollows in the shape of Kestrell's eye sockets. Her current (left) prosthetic is also on the table, presumably for reference.

Starting to fill the secondary molds with wax. The wax is manipulated with the 'wax spatula', right, which has a small flat end. The wax is melted over the "alcohol torch' to the upper left, a small plastic bottle of alcohol, with a wick on the top.

Melting a bit of wax over the torch.

Here's one of the few shots where you can see the flame from the alcohol torch.

The ocularist slowly builds up layers of melted wax, to gradually form the outline of an eyeball.

Cutting off another sliver of wax with the spatula, for melting and application.

Meanwhile, the other works on the irises. He begins with a black coat.

The wax forms must be rinsed until the water runs clear.

Then dried for a bit.

Having removed the wax form, the ocularist begins smoothing off the rough edges.

Meanwhile, the other ocularist has put down a light blue base color on the irises.

During a quiet moment, I take a picture of the raw wax supply, which looks remarkably like bubblegeum (the stuff is actually a material for making dental palettes). To its left, you can see a hotplate, for melting a bunch of wax at once.

Having finished his base coat, the ocularist diligently -- if with some confusion -- studies the reference pictures of Delerium that I brought him.

Kes waits patiently as he paints.

In order to get an idea what the iris will look like once it is under the clear plastic equivalent of a cornea, the ocularist puts water droplets on top.

Apparently his standard palette of colors is insufficient, so he brings out a special bright green pigment!

More reference checking. Note that the different-colored irises have the water-drops on them again.
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The undecorated eyeballs look like a post-LSD breakfast of pink poached eggs!

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