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Kes and Alexx go to the Ocularist
Bar Harbor
At long last, kestrell was able to get fitted for her new prosthetics. She asked me to document the process, so I took lots of pictures. A few of them may not be for the squeamish!

The ocularists are still a little un-hip about the whole 'Delerium eyes' thing, so have been largely cropped out of the photos.

Taking the T there.

In the waiting room.

Sitting in the examining chair.

Folding up the cane.

Kes hisses at me for taking her picture with no prosthetics in, when her eyes look sunken.

The first 'tray', through which they will pump the molding clay, has been inserted.

Both trays are in.

Injecting clay into the left eye socket.

...and the right.

Clay has been injected, now waiting for it to set.

Removing the molds.

Wow, this uploading process takes a long time, and I'm paranoid that LJ will eat the post. So I'm going to split this into multiple parts.

ETA: Locking comments due to spammers. If you want more info about this, please contact me privately.
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Just to let you know, it does look disturbing but it doesn't hurt. :) I had that done when I had my scleral shell made.
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