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Pax East
Bar Harbor
I went to Pax East on Friday. There was some neat stuff, but not enough to go back. Have I mentioned lately that I'm mildly crowd-phobic? 17,000 people is (IMAO) too many to cram into the Hynes, and that was just Friday; the following days would be worse. Huge lines to get into everything, so I didn't see any of the scheduled events. (And when I say huge, I mean it; I think the longest was over a quarter mile.) Also, very very loud.

Good stuff:
* Seeing some BioShock cosplayers (photo below).
* Also in the costume dept, a bunch of Team Fortress 2 characters: Sniper, Mechanic, Spy, and Medic.
* Seeing Phil Speer, shaggyman, Sara Verelli, darusk, Andrew Plotkin; meeting Elizabeth Short for the first time.
* Seeing juldea briefly, hanging out with JoCo at the merch table.
* Getting a (relatively) cheap copy of the new, improved, Tales of The Arabian Nights boardgame.
* Having a long-time fan from the UK approach me due to my improvised name badge.

You can tell that the organizers come from internet culture, not fandom culture. The passes were anonymous, and only a few old fogeys like myself had improvised name tags.

Most of the office was there, and I ran into them at one point or another. A couple of my colleagues mentioned that I had a big goofy grin on my face when they saw me across the hall, and that I seemed to be having a great time. Must be a subconscious defense mechanism, 'cause I mostly wasn't.

I might go back next year if they take steps to reduce the density. Somehow, I doubt it, though.

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the new, improved, Tales of The Arabian Nights boardgame

Tell, tell!

Mostly the same game, with better parts. Status chits are gone, being replaced by cards, there's a little more spread in the encounters you get, and I gather one doesn't stay in jail/lost quite so often. The board is prettier, and the Book Of Tales is slightly more readable, in that I think the font is a point or two larger.

In the game we played this evening, I became the Sultan Of The Efreets, and got back to Baghdad.

Tom covered most of it.

One minor negative - the game box is now much larger and *heavier*, and thus harder to, say, take to parties.

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