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GDC 2010: The Nuovo Sessions
Bar Harbor
The Nuovo Sessions
Speaker/s: Daniel Benmergui (Independent), Ian Bogost (The Georgia Institute of Technology), Matthew Wegner (Flashbang Studios), Steve Swink (Flashbang Studios), Ian Dallas (Giant Sparrow), Jarrad Woods (Farbs Farbs Farbs), Jonatan (Cactus) Soderstrom (Cactus Software), Alexander Bruce (), Terry Cavanagh () and Justin Smith ()
Day / Time / Location: Friday 1:30- 2:30 Room 306, South Hall
Track / Format: Game Design / Lecture
Description: 'The Nuovo Sessions' is a look at some of the new, alternative games and game concepts nominated for the Independent Games Festival's Nuovo Awards, along with prototypes and productions from like-minded individuals. (It replaces the time slot originally held for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, which will skip 2010 and return in 2011.)

Alexx: Lot of nifty stuff shown off very quickly. Not much relevant talk, but the games themselves were often interesting. Links here.

A Slow Year
creativity arises from constraints
making a game for the atari 2600 must create infinite creativity!
previously made a game for both atari 2600 cartridge, and for iPhone - Cartridge made more money (audience applause)

Chaim Gingold showed a bunch of prototype for works in progress. One of them I loved: "adobe illustrator with castles"

Tuning: mechanics of a classic platformer, but innovative display techniques to make it seem harder than it is.

unfinished swan
Wants to create curiosity and wonder -- not puzzle challenges, more relaxed exploration
goal: new stuff every 30-60 seconds