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_Lord Peter Views the Body_, by Dorothy L. Sayers
Bar Harbor
Just finished _Lord Peter Views the Body_, a collection of Peter Wimsey short stories. I particularly liked the one about pirate treasure *and* book collecting, the one with the duplicate Peters and the wine-tasting contest, and the one with the clues in the form of a crossword puzzle.

That puzzle *did* stop my reading for a good while, as I attempted to solve it. Kes claimed (correctly as it turned out) that I didn't have enough of a classical background for it. But google did help me figure out a bit. Final score:

Total words: 64
Words I figured out correctly: 6
Words I guessed incorrectly: 5
Words where I had the right vague idea, but couldn't quite get anything to gel: 7
Words I hypothetically *could* have got, if I were cleverer: 17
Words I would never, ever have gotten: 17
Words she didn't bother explaining in the notes, whose derivation I *still* don't get: 12
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The one about the treasure-hunting/book-collecting is one of my favourites ("...the Dragon's Head," isn't it?). Don't lose track of the nephew Gerry - he turns up again, older, in a couple of the later books.

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