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Iraq vs. Vampires
Bar Harbor
From ginmar, currently serving in Iraq:

I’ve been watching Buffy bit by bit, because I seem to be able to handle the concept of fiction now. How weird does that sound? But I find myself sympathizing more and more with her, and I was always a Buffy sympathizer. When I lost my mom, I thought that was pretty bad. Bad, however, was attained by getting mobilized five weeks later. My job seems pretty boring and aimless, and the potential for violence is always there. The big difference between the army and Buffy is the latrines. Buffy never had to deal with latrines, which in my opinion are truly the enemy. Latrines are way more horrifying in hundred-plus degree heat than a vampire--especially a vampire with high cheekbones. I’d also argue than bumping along for two and a half hours in said heat in a Humvee is worse than various monsters, because while monsters are fairly rare, shock absorbers for Humvees in Iraq are just a myth.


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