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Othello tickets, anyone?
Bar Harbor
Actors Shakespeare Project is putting on a production of Othello next month. Due to a combination of extreme busy-ness on my part, and poor health on Kes's part, we're not going to be able to make it. But we have a season pass, and I'd hate for the tickets to go to waste. Anyone interested in going? Follow the link above to see what show-times are available. Decision as to who gets the tix to be made completely arbitrarily :)

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I'd love to take these off of your hands. My March is quite packed, but one of the Thursday performances - probably one of the last two - would work for me!

I would absolutely love to go to that! I've heard great things about Actors Shakespeare Project, and Iago is one of my favorite villains ever.

I'm available for all of the showtimes except for opening night and March 28th.

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