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Weekend of Warcraft
Bar Harbor
Hello, my name is Alexx, and I'm an Achievement Junkie. Over the weekend, I earned 300 Achievement Points in World of Warcraft:

Elune's Blessing for 10 points.
Scholomance for 10 points.
Classic Dungeonmaster for 10 points.
The Argent Dawn for 15 points.
The Argent Champion for 25 points.
Looking For Many for 20 points. Now I can call myself "The Patient" if I want to. I probably won't, as most people who do seem to not deserve it...
Molten Core for 10 points. Yay for guild completionists!
Stocking Up for 10 points.
The Kirin Tor for 10 points.
Consumption Junction for 10 points.
50 Fish for 20 points.
Vehicular Gnomeslaughter for 10 points.
Within Our Grasp for 10 points.
Elders of the Dungeons for 10 points.
To Honor One's Elders for 30 points.
What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been for 50 points. And a Violet Proto-Drake, a dragon-y flying mount that is one of the fastest available in the game!
250 Stone Keeper's Shards for 30 points.
Black War Mammoth for 10 points.

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Due to the strange way WoW computes points, some of those might not be strictly from last weekend. For instance 250 stone keeper's shards is 10 points for 50, 10 points for 100, 10 points for 250; not 30 for just the 250.

But that is nitpicking. Congratulations on some fine playing!

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