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More Wimsey
Bar Harbor
I have finished the next two books, _Clouds of Witness_, and _Unnatural Death_. Some comments, with some spoilers:

Clouds: Interesting treatment of class issues. I suspect that this will be an ongoing subtext.

I *did* quite like the emotional shock-transition effect near the end, where it's all la la la, we solved the case, la la la, we avoided the worst scandal, la la GUNSHOT GUNSHOT GUNSHOT CAR CRASH BLOODY DEATH!!! I guess there's always got to be something for Peter to feel guilty about by the end...

UD: I am smug that I guessed the murder method very early in the book. Still impressed with the clever way that Lord Peter eventually reached the same conclusion.

For no rational reason, I am always surprised when an 'old' book turns out to have lots of homosexuals in it. And three out of the four of them are quite sympathetic. Granted, the fourth is the most decidedly Evil character I've met in the series to date, which does rather overbalance things...

So Peter has a new car with 'special gadgets'... none of which get used in this book. Come to think of it, he doesn't get nearly as much use out of his detective toys as Bunter does. His special cane does come in useful for measuring things, but the one time he wants to use the compass in the stock, he's carrying a different cane! And he has yet to have an excuse to pull out the sword from the cane, either. Q would be so disappointed.

Speaking of James Bond, Peter is the anti-Bond in other ways as well. It's not until the third book that a femme fatale tries to seduce him. Peter is quite willing to be seduced, if only as an opportunity to (pardon the expression) pump her for information. But it ends up not happening due to *her* incompetence at seduction.

In more general Wimsey news, I commend to your attention The Wimsey Annotations, a fan site that has tracked down the sources for at least many of the multifarious offhand remarks that Peter (and other characters, but mostly Peter) tende to spout out.

While poking around the web for interesting Lord Peter stuff, I briefly thought that I had come across a piece of Wimsey/Dumbledore slashfic. On further examination, it proved to be PG, but now my horrified curiosity was roused. There turns out to be a lot of Wimsey fanfic out there, and a fair amount of it is crossover with other fandoms -- but none of it appears to actually be porn. This is a clear violation of Rule 34, though I must admit to some relief in this case.

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Of course there is a lot of Peter Whimsey fan fic out there--he's sophisticated, witty, emotionally tortured, and he goes forsmrt bookish females. Plus, in _Murder Must Advertise_, agile and more than a little darkly dangerous. He's Sir Percy meets Sherlock Holmes: definitely centerfold material for "Librarians Weekly."

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