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I'm going to GDC!
Bar Harbor
This year, I'm actually getting to go the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco for the first time ever! Very excited!

I'll be arriving late Wednesday, busily conferencing Thurs-Sat, and flying back early Sunday. So no time for touristing, per se. But I might be able to get together for dinner with some friends on one or more of those nights. Drop me a line if you'll be there too (or happen to live reasonably nearby) and want to get together.

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I live reasonably nearby, and may be around the conference for a day, to catch up with some people.

It would be great to catch up again, if we can make our schedules mesh.

Well, let me know what day when/if your plans solidify.

Congrats! I will do what I can to keep you informed of parties. For starters you have an invitation to a Google Calendar (at your panix email).

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