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A few minutes of micro-fame
Bar Harbor
Wow, I've been lax in posting this year. But here's a few tidbits:

My Employers, as some of you will have heard, recently rebranded themselves as Irrational Games again. The relaunched website includes a monthly podcast. Since our current project is still Sooper Top Sekrit, the first batch of episodes talk about our past. In Episode 2, I can be heard talking about Thief, Freedom Force, and BioShock. There's also some writing from me in a related feature about Cut Features.

On another front, Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos novel, Iorich is out. I had the pleasure of 'beta-reading' an earlier draft. One of the changes from the draft I saw to the print edition was the addition of one line to the Acknowledgments: "Finally, my thanks to Alexx Kay for continuity checking."

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I pointed the acknowledgment line out to Eliz and we thought happy thoughts for you.

I'm wondering if you and the other designers feel like people playing Bioshock are running around in a corner of your brain, since you put such a lot of thought into the way the thing plays?

Not particularly. It's so much of a collaborative medium that only a few very small pieces of it are in any sense 'my brain'. I do get a kick when someone talks positively about one of those pieces!

That acknowledgement is so cool!

Shawn Crane

Dont fret thanks for a couse of joy!

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