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Praise from Ken Levine
Bar Harbor
Just had a meeting presenting a big section of the design for [censored] to my Big Boss, Ken Levine. Closing quote from him: "If all our design docs were this creative, this well thought out, this well thought *through*, we'd be done by now." He actually wants me to present it to the rest of the team as a good example.

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Excellent [censored]!

Praise indeed! Well done.


I think for next GameLoop you need to give a talk on how to write good design docs :)


Wanted to say we got major nephew cred points when we told them we knew the guy who designed* BioShock. Also we got a look at it, very pretty (in a scary way), but B had trouble with said Neph being hyperactive with the controller and making her dizzy. I was of the opinion that fast twitch Halo reactions weren't necessary (certainly not in the beginning where he definitely seemed over-matched to the mobs)

I understand that while you're busy producing the thing, the design docs must be kept confidential.

If, however, at some point it becomes something that can be shown to others, I'd love to see it. I can always learn from good documentation examples.

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