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Sleep No More on Facebook
Bar Harbor
Interesting fan discussion going on over at Facebook.

The extended run has been sold out for a while, but it is still possible to get in on standby, if you're early and lucky.

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I think Sleep No More could probably stay sold out for another couple of months, if Brookline didn't want their school back. It's really a shame that they do because the town is making good money off that show (and it's doing good things for nearby restaurants too).

It seems horribly unfair that The Donkey Show has been extended indefinitely and SNM only got another couple of weeks.

I pout. I sulk. At least I get to see it one more time.

As an audience member, I definitely wish they were running longer. And there's clearly enough demand to support it.

On the other hand, as a sometime performer myself, I am amazed at the stamina shown by the actors to keep up such a grueling schedule for as long as they have. Every single one of them is putting in more effort per night than a Broadway star of a one-man show, at what must be a lot less pay. I don't know how long it's possible to sustain that level of performance (in every sense). It's the sort of emotional intensity that is probably extremely energizing in the short term -- but is constantly draining one's reserves. I expect many of the actors are getting pretty fried by now.

Let us hope that others take up the implicit challenge, and that we see more of this sort of thing in the years to come.

I've often thought about actor burnout because of the intensity of this show and can sympathize. But I can be a selfish audience member too. : )

Damn it, Alexx, I was thinking I DIDN'T need to see SNM a third time, but after reading some of that discussion I have changed my mind. How inconvenient!

If it's too convenient, it's not Great Art :-)

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