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Decade thoughts
Bar Harbor
10 years ago today, I was still recovering from my breakup with Erin. One of the contributing factors to the breakup was my reluctance to help her cope with her disabilities; I swore to myself that my next girlfriend would be a perfect physical specimen. One of the downsides to living in a communal house is that exes don't necessarily move out -- I now had *two* ex-girlfriends living in the same house as me. Anyways, work was draining so much of my energy that I had no time for new romantic entanglements.

A few months earlier, the household had taken in a homeless blind orphan. She was intelligent and attractive, but rather standoffish, and I hadn't really gotten to know her yet.

It wasn't until months later that I first noticed her 'that way'. A few months later, I started courting her, in such a tentative fashion that I didn't even admit it to myself for some time.

Early in 2000 (after Erin had finally moved out, reducing the embarrassment factor somewhat), I propositioned her. She turned me down, gently, but very absolutely.

A month later, she changed her mind :-)

In October 2001, we were married.

I LOVE YOU, kestrell!!!
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Alexx, you both have grown so much over the years: it sounds corny, but you two have really been so good for each other.

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