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Dark Glass carboys?
Bar Harbor
My friend at work wants more access to the knowledge-base of my friends :-) She sez:
Hey everyone!

I’m on a majickal quest of collecting my own spring water and am in need of some large glass bottles/jugs/carboys 1/2 gallon or larger.

If any of you have said containers but have no use for them, let me know and we can work something out!

A couple of dark glass carboys would be absolutely PERFECT as well as some smaller units made of a similar dark glass! (Hopefully of the food grade and non-toxic composition. :P )

Thanks everyone :)
Any brewers out there who can share sources?

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If your friend is willing to pay money -
Modern Brewer on Mass Ave in Cambridge
Beer & Wine Hobby in Woburn
or go to one of the brewpubs that sells "growlers" of their own beer, such as Watch City in Waltham, buy one and drink the contents.

A local brewery make really good beer in brown growlers. It is available in a limited area (Midcoast Maine). So two solutions are 1) Come up here and buy some good beer, drink it, and use the bottles. 2) Come up here and get some of the piles we have stashed in the basement for water saving and brewing.

I don't think I have ever seen a dark glass carboy.

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