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Local seed sources?
Bar Harbor
A colleague at work is asking about local sources for good seeds to grow produce from. I figure a bunch of you reading this would have some recommendations. ?

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Mahoney's Garden Center is a good source, both for seeds and seedlings. Depending on what they're trying to grow and how much experience they have gardening in New England, seedlings can sometimes be the way to go, unless they want to start the seeds indoors with a grow light.....

These folks do not have a local storefront, (as far as I know), they are mail/internet order only, but they are in New England, and my family - gardeners all, swear by their seeds.


Fedco Seeds www.fedcoseeds.com is in Maine. They're very good -- I often order from them. Other, less local places to mail order seeds from are Baker Creek Heirlooms www.rareseeds.com, Seeds of Change www.seedsofchange.com, and Seed Savers Exchange www.seedsavers,org

I've also ordered from johnnyseeds.com and been happy.


Garden in the Woods in Framingham. Headquarters for the New England Wild Flower Society. The nursery isn't very active this time of year, but these folks are experts on native New England species. They are also politically active in getting legislation against importation of invasive plant species.

seconding info already here:

We use Johnny's and Fedco. Mostly Fedco for standard stuff, Johnny's for lettuce mixes and things Fedco doesn't carry.

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