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Bizarre yet insightful Star Wars criticism
Bar Harbor
Someone at my office sent around a link to this epic, 7-part YouTube 'review' of The Phantom Menace. It's a strange beast. On the one hand, full of insightful and devastating criticism. On the other hand, delivered 'humorously' in the character of a mumbling aging fanboy who has trouble pronouncing long words, and who is incidentally a psychotic serial killer. At any rate, I found it strangely compelling.

Parts of it are probably NSFW. Only a small amount of it depends on the visuals, so it's largely blind-accessible.

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That is very interesting -- although whatever the narrator is doing with his voice is subtracting from the message.

I like that characterization exercise at the end of part 1 -- would enjoy doing that with some people that had not been exposed to this video.

The characterization exercise would be devastating when used on many another big-budget bloated action feature.

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