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Sleep No More 3 (no spoilers)
Bar Harbor
Went to Sleep No More for a third visit last night. Again, saw about 80% new stuff (and some of the 20% I had new context to appreciate.) I still think there's at least 50% of the show that I haven't seen yet.

I found out that the bar actually stays open for about an hour after the show. While the atmosphere is somewhat loud, and initially quite crowded, hanging out for a while can be a good way to decompress, and also avoid the huge line for the coat check. Also, some of the actors may come and hang out.

I should modulate one of my caveats. I earlier said "don't go if you demand your entertainment be linear, or susceptible to easy interpretation". I should emphasize that this doesn't just mean "The story is confusing" -- it means "For most practical purposes, there IS NO STORY." I mean, there *is* story there, but uncovering it takes so much work (and multiple visits) that it is clearly not the point, nor should it be a big expectation if you go.

I have tried to describe the show to many people who have not seen it, with remarkably poor success. There are so many things which one can say which are *true*, but nonetheless terribly misleading. A metaphor: A vaudeville fan of the 1880's is taken forward in time a century, and shown an evening's worth of MTV at its height. He is then returned to his own time, and tries to describe it to a fellow vaudeville fan. The one who hasn't seen it gets the impression that is kinda like updated vaudeville: it contains musical numbers from a variety of performers, there is a 'master of ceremonies' figure, there are pretty girls, there are comedic or dramatic interludes. All of this is true as far as it goes, but it doesn't go remotely far enough. In the same way, whatever you think SNM is like, well, it probably *is* like that technically, but it is really a New Thing.

I honestly think that this could be a major new art form for the 21st century.

More spoilers will be added to my earlier discussion soon.

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Its a really good Macbeth themed haunted house. Really, really good, mind you. And athletic, and dance-y.
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See! That's completely true! And yet completely fails to convey what the experience actually felt like! (For me, at any rate.)
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I hear you....but having been in a pretty good haunted house, it felt like exactly what we were shooting for back then.
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we have tickets, haven't been yet. Someone said "don't dress up" -- is that because we'll get splattered with blood or covered in cobwebs or something and the dry cleaning would be prohibitive? or is it just "you aren't going to sit still watching a show?" I just want to be able to plan my wardrobe :)
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Blood, etc, is definitely a possibility, though (like all other aspects) not guaranteed.

As I said in an earlier post: "Dress... to be comfortable, with the knowledge that you'll be on your feet for most of three hours, and moving around a lot. Some of the audience were wearing fancy-night-out clothes, but most weren't. I wouldn't wear anything with frills that might get caught on random objects." To which I'll add that, though I saw some audience members carrying purses, backpacks, etc, I really disrecommend that sort of thing. Spaces sometimes get crowded, and the decor density is high.
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What you wore to V for Vixen is fine. Jeans and a flannel are fine. I'll second the voices that say "dress for comfort" and "leave the coat in the car, if you want to avoid coat check".

No blood. No cobwebs. Nothing gets on you.
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I wouldn't say "no" blood. The risk of being bloodied is small, but definitely present. And there are other liquid hazards as well, though again, pretty rare.
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I will add that the cast is more likely to interact with an audience member if that audience member is wearing something nice or period-appropriate.
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I don't know if they're still accepting Stewards, but you might want to consider coming and doing the Black Mask training. It's a completely new type of fun.

Oh, and did you realize that Elsie (one of the singers in the bar) is one of the first Boston Babydolls?
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It was a pleasure to see you the night I went! Watching casual friends of mine interact with the cast as well made me happy.

Also . . . you'd talked a particular Shiny Thing in light of my current, er, situation. I've e-mailed you at your Panix account about it. I'd love to hear from you so I can start to move forward on that.

Let me know if you'll be there again, either as audience or as a steward.
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It looks like I will be going again, as kestrell has decided she wants to go, even if she can't get the full experience. More details when I have them.

(...goes and checks panix account...) Bother, my spam-checker fired a false positive, so I didn't see that mail until now. Sorry 'bout that. Have replied.
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