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Best BioShock cosplay evar
Bar Harbor
Not only are these some of the best costumes for a Big Daddy / Little Sister pair, they did a photo shoot inside an aquarium for bonus atmosphere!

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So the other night, I ended up at the house of some friends at 8pm, several of us on our laptops on couches and one of us playing Bioshock. I don't remember exactly what the plot point I came in at was, but a while in was the room with all the photos and the spray-painted W.Y.K. (trying to keep minimally spoilery here), and soon after the man/slave conversation, and then the rest of the game. All but one of us stayed up until 5am so we could see it through. WOW so much twisty and creepy!!

Always glad to hear that people finished up, as much of my work was near the end. I was, for example, responsible for much of the creepiness in the Little Sister training area :-)

Eee! There was much creepiness there. I specifically remember the happy posters. "Find your hidey hole!"

The posters were all the work of the inimitable Robb Waters. He also did all the Plasmid training videos.

I handled the arrangement of objects to create interesting little scenes. I'm particularly proud of the pavlovian training device, and the corpse of the splicer who had clearly upset the little darlings (judging by the number of needles they left in him).

Heh, his bio is a bit outdated. ("He is currently the conceptual artist for Freedom Force.")

You had a hand in the potato chips or death buttons? :D

Yup, that's what I was referring to as the 'pavlovian training device'. Go to Big Daddy, get a yummy treat; go towards mommy, get a nasty shock :-)

Cool! It must be a kick to see people doing this kind of thing.

You have a scary job. :-)

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