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More No Sleep
Bar Harbor
Five nights later, and "Sleep No More" has largely receded from my dreams, having quite dominated them for the first few nights. I'll be going back to see it again in a few weeks, and further visits are far from out of the question. It seems that almost everyone who likes this show in the first place is eager to see it again. Therefore I amend my general recommendation that you see it to a recommendation that you see it *soon* -- so that you have sufficient time to see it again!

My original post on the subject has been edited to add some general advice, so check it out again. If you think you might be able to see it twice, then I maintain my advice to know as little as possible before going in. If, however, logistics or financials will limit you to a single visit, then knowing a *little* bit more may help you get the most out of that visit:

1. The story takes one hour, so repeats three times over the course of the evening. If you see something that looks familiar, consider going somewhere else. Sometimes though, there are variations between repeated scenes, so if it holds your interest, feel free to stay.

2. In order to get something approaching a coherent story, pick a character, and follow them as long as you can, preferably for a full story-cycle. This is possible in most cases, but difficult in all. Sometimes the characters move very suddenly and quickly, and chasing is required to keep up! If you lose them, don't feel bad. You can search for them, follow someone else, or...

3. There is also enjoyment to be had in wandering randomly from room to room, examining the complex tableaux without the distraction of the actors. Occasionally, you will stumble upon an out-of-context scene which you would not have otherwise encountered. Try all the doorknobs; visit every floor -- there are many secrets to find.

4. Enjoy yourself. Try different approaches. If what you're doing at any given moment isn't working for you, try something else. (Hm. That is sufficiently vague and general advice that I will take it outside the cut.)

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Maybe we could coordinate a second trip. I'd love to see it again. (I know someone who has been three times and it's been very different each time.)

I'll be going on Saturday 11/21, and Thursday 12/10. At least :-)

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