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Latest Lovecraft bit
Bar Harbor
So, I just read "The Whisperer in the Dark". At one point, the narrator takes a train trip from Arkham to Vermont. From the stops mentioned on the first leg of the trip, he's clearly taking what is now known as the Fitchburg Commuter Line -- the same train I sometimes take to visit cvirtue and family! Oooooh, spooky!

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umm. . .The Whisperer in Darkness.
And of course it's the B&M Railroad (that's what it was known as when I was in college). And indeed, the stops are the same.
Talk to me sometime about the Lovecraft in Vermont event. . ., now legendary.

I'll be sure to wear my tentacles.

Do you think if we had a Lovecraft party in October, people would come? We could have a reading or two, show the definitely B movie "The Dunwich Horror" (Dean Stockwell and Sandra Dee, enough said), and see if we could find tentacley foods (spaghetti in a pesto sauce?). And NEGothick could tell the epic tale of her adventures in Vermont.

I would be there IF I haven't already booked and double-booked meself. At this point, I believe that Friday night 16 October or Sunday night 18 October might just be my only remaining free weekend evenings. Seriously.

Hm, why don't we plan for that Sunday afternoon, then? We can make it a Lovecraftian tea party and let everyone figure out what's appropriate for such an event.

Ah yes. Read the history of that line on Wikipedia, kind of interesting. Doesn't surprise me give that Cape Ann was the pseudo-location of Arkham.

I once played in a game of Call of Cthulu held at a place in Maine which was claimed to be a location straight from one of Lovecraft's books (I forget which).

The scariest part was being 'attacked' by sheep in the dark on the way be to the car.

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