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New _Orlando Furioso_ translation coming!
Bar Harbor

Anyone heard any advance word on the quality of this? Or seen any excerpts?

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Haven't seen anything yet, and a quick googling is only coming up with promotional blurbs. Will keep my eyes open, though.

Of translations, rhyming schemes and metaphors
Of research and of scholarship I sing . . .

Hmm, so I shouldn't try any more Orlando Xmas surprises, I take it?

I'll keep my eye out for reviews, the Powell's Review of the Day is usually pretty up-to-date.

Well, historically, attempts to surprise me like that have tended to backfire.

Sounds as though there will be editing, since the blurb says "translations of generous selections."
And while I hadn't heard of this, how about this for synchronicity? I taught the translator's grandson, Isaac, a 2008 CGA grad, and saw the young officer just last week. I will dig out his email address and ask him for any news of his grandfather and Ariosto.
I knew that David Slavitt had translated a number of classics, and he is a novelist and poet himself.

"generous selections"

Ouch. I had missed that infelicitous phrase. But it does answer the question I had of how they managed to fit the story in a mere 688 pages. I was thinking some combination of small print and/or large pages, but perhaps not. :-(

Having told the whole story myself, I scoff at abridgments.

You told the whole thing? Surely not in one go?

Surely not!

It was largely in monthly installments, over several years of Storytellers Guild meetings. Finished it up with six successive nights of performance at The Enchanted Ground one Pennsic, telling the final story arc.

Followed it up by doing The Five Cantos and all of Orlando Inamorata, but was losing steam by the end of that :)

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