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Party Debrief
Bar Harbor
That went well. The folks who showed up were rather different than I had expected, but proved to be a very congenial mix. Only one technical glitch, which I got out of the way before the party started. Also, only one minor error in the massive takeout dinner order!

The films themselves were well received. Though it must be said that some folks were quite taken aback by the tone shift in the middle of "The Ruling Class". juldea later expressed thanks that both jducouer and myself had verbally signified this shift at the appropriate point. "And nowww... the *second* half of the film."

I myself had forgotten that TRC sort of turns into a zombie movie just at the end for a few minutes. The ending actually reminded me a bit of another zombie movie, "The Last Man on Earth". Both of them conclude with an infant's voice, symbolic of the ongoing cycle of life -- which in both cases is presented not as redemotive, but as unending horror. I wonder if that trope shows up elsewhere as well?