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Alexx Health Update
Bar Harbor
I am thinner. Not sure if I'm any *lighter*, but my waistline is less than it was. It turns out it wasn't *just* the amount of gadgetry in my pockets that was making my pants attempt to fall down. A few years ago I had accidentally ordered some jeans one size lower than I was (at the time) able to wear. I held on to them anyways, and now, they fit. A tiny bit snug, but just 'new pants' snug, not 'wrong size' snug. The timing leads me to suspect that this is linked to diet changes a few months back designed, primarily, to lower my cholesterol intake, but which are generally healthier in other dimensions as well.

When the heat kicked up, I started getting nasty muscle cramps, probably due to low electrolytes. I applied the Gatorade test which I first learned at Pennsic many years ago: "If Gatorade actually tastes good, you should be drinking a lot of it." It does, I have been, and the cramps have retreated. Yay! Unfortunately, their does seem to be a side effect in terms of having to go to the bathroom about twice as often as I used to. Not a big deal during the day, but much more sleep interruption at night. Still, it's a much easier to deal with interruption than "AAAAAAGGGGHHH MY LEG!" so I'm willing to live with it.

The evil constant headache from back in June seems to have gone away. Or at least to have become an infrequent visitor. Looks like no serious dain bramage after all, phew!
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You can skip the following, though, if you know all this:

The Gatorade thing used to be useful when it was just the powdered stuff. Now that they put lots of sugar in the premixed drinks, I don't think it holds true any longer, because it will always taste good.

If you're peeing about every two hours, that's what I've heard is a good amount. You can judge on the color, too.

As for electrolytes, yeppers, they can result in leg cramps. Me, I drink lots of water and either eat potatoes (high in potassium, much higher than the usual things everyone recommends, ie, bananas,) or take mineral supplements. Like you, I found that waking up in massive pain which felt like my legs were going to rip themselves apart lost its charm quickly.

Thanks for the Gatorade sugar alert.

About every two hours is what I'm doing. It used to be almost exactly four.

I like potatoes anyways, and will keep that property in mind.

"massive pain which felt like my legs were going to rip themselves apart" Yeah, that's an apt description. ...shudder...

"rip apart" -- and if you ever have that feeling in your abdomen, it's probably a hernia, and you need to find a doctor.

If you want to drink a commercial product, you could try Owater, which doesn't have the sugar
I eat food instead - in addition to the usual, I was interested to learn recently that cucumbers have a lot of potassium (and aren't sweet the way fruits can be, if that matters to you).

DSR's favorite potassium source is apricots. Sure-fired cure for his leg cramps!

urine color chart & info


there are lots of others online, some pdf, some Word documents, but this one has the sidebar information as well.

You mentioned needing to lower your cholesterol intake. Are you perhaps on cholesterol-lowering medication (statins)? If so, be aware that aches in large muscles (rhabdomyalgia) is a warning sign of statin toxicity (which I've experienced myself).

Not on statins at the moment, but thanks for the heads-up!

Congratulations. I speak as one who has experienced both side effects--looser-fitting trousers and no more horrible leg cramps--of what was mostly meant as a healthier diet. Isn't it nice?

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