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Cylon Plan a typo?
Bar Harbor
As many of you know, one of my biggest peeves with the new Battlestar Galactica show was one line in the opening credits, claiming that the Cylons had "a plan". Whereas to anyone paying the slightest attention, it was eminently clear that they had no such plan, nor, in fact, did the writers of the show.

But my friend hungrytiger has a potential solution to this problem:
Wait, maybe the note about the Cylons having a Plan was just a typo and part of it got cut off. Maybe they have a plane? a planet? a planetarium? a plantain?
So, informal poll time: What is it that you think the Cylons actually had all along?

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plantar wart.

planned economy.

plane ticket.

The Cylons had a pan.

You know, like Tika.

Mmmm, nothing like a Blunt Object.

Frying Pan is actually going to be one of the new weapons in Left 4 Dead 2.

A Play... they just wanted to put on a play- because theater is fun!

Plant. They have a plant. Ficus, or sleeper agent is not clear, even to them.

Plaster of Paris. The Cylons were actually very interested in arts and crafts. All that unpleasantness could have been avoided if someone had just gotten them that crate of pipe cleaners they wanted.

(Deleted comment)
The cylons had a planchette and the humans had run off with their ouija board.

Flan? I believe the cylons could have a flan. Or perhaps they really have flarn.

The Cylons had a pun.
Or maybe a pant. Not a pair of pants, just one pant.
Maybe they had a punt. That's why we won.
Cylons bombed Caprica looking for a prawn. Or a flan. That's it.
Cylons have a van! A VW microbus in truth. Or was it a plow?
Cylons have a plank. They'll make you walk it off the bow of their base ship.

A plank, of course, for the humans to walk.

Oh, damn you, laurion, you shotgunned it in ahead of me!

On a more honest note, I think perhaps they _did_ have a plan: infiltrate the military mainframe, disable the fleet, and nuke the colonies. Worked just fine. They just didn't have a plan for _after_ that...

'heehee...know what will really screw with them? Attack every half hour, but not quite close enough to kill them before they jump.'... 'oh, dude, even better, make it every 33 minutes instead!' 'dude, totally...lets do it!'

They just didn't have a plan for _after_ that...

Sounds like certain other military invasions I've heard of...

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