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Movie Day, August 29th, detailed schedule
Bar Harbor
Upon the theme "Pitch black comedies about murderously insane British aristocrats".

1:00 PM
doors open

2:00 to 3:50-ish
Revengers Tragedy - 2003, 109 minutes
A Jacobean revenge tragedy, reset in post-apocalyptic Liverpool by mad director Alex Cox. Vindici (Christopher Eccleston) returns to his home town in disguise some years after the Duke (Derek Jacobi) poisoned Vindici's bride for not being seducable by him. Vindici finds his quest for vengeance is made both easier and more complex by the fact that the Duke's various sons and stepsons (one notably played by Eddie Izzard) are all vying for position, some with murderous methods.

3:50 to 4:15

4:15 to 6:00
Kind Hearts and Coronets - 1949, 106 minutes
Louis (Dennis Price) was born to a mother who used to be a member of the noble D'Ascoyne family, but was kicked out because she married for love. When Louis reaches adulthood, he decides to retake the dukedom he feels should be his by good old-fashioned methods -- murdering everyone between him and the title. The bulk of the D'Ascoyne family is played by Alec Guiness, in a variety of costumes and accents. Also notable in the cast is Joan Greenwood, whose sultry-voiced femme fatale Sibella may be Louis' greatest helper, or perhaps his downfall.

6:00 to 7:30
Dinner; order and consume takeout.

7:30 to 10-ish
The Ruling Class - 1972, 154 minutes
Jack Gurney (Peter O'Toole) has recently inherited the title of 14th Earl of Gurney. Sadly, Jack is quite insane, and insists that he is, in fact, Jesus Christ. The other members of the family believe that this state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, and make a variety of attempts to 'cure' him. But the definition of sanity -- and normalcy -- can be dangerous things...

If there is enough collective energy left at that point, hang out for a while and chat.

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I'm sorry I won't be able to be there, but you've given me two new movies for my netflix queue. I'll think of you when we watch them :)

And remember KitchenCon fondly, I hope :)

SHucks! The only one I haven't seen--Revenger's Tragedy--you've programmed first, and I don't know if I can get there in time. But I will try to be there.

Therese and I will try to be there for Kind Hearts and Coronets; haven't seen (or much thought about) that since the KitchenCon days!

I'm going to try to make it; I actually don't think I've seen any of 'em.

Two movies I'm quite fond of, and one really interesting-sounding one that I hadn't even heard of. (Well, I know The Revenger's Tragedy, of course, but I hadn't heard about this adaptation.) Sounds like a rollickingly nasty day; I've put it on my calendar...

Tangentially, at Worldcon I learned that Roger Zelazny wrote his thesis/dissertation (can't recall which) on the Revenger's Tragedy.

Coolness! Wonder if I could lay hands on a copy...

Zelazny, like many science fiction writers, was originally an English literature major. He earned an M.A. from Columbia in Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama. His master's thesis was titled "Two Traditions and Cyril Tourneur: an Examination of Morality and Humor Comedy Conventions in The Revenger’s Tragedy."

Aw, man. I'm not going to be able to make it until movie #2, meaning I'm missing Eccleston, Jacobi, and Izzard! Sadface. But I should be there - cross fingers - in time for the other two movies.

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