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Yay for mutual fandom!
Bar Harbor
I have mentioned Daryl Gregory before in this LJ, as one of my favorite new authors. Last week, I was checking out his blog, where he mentioned that he had Advance Review Copies for his new novel. After some encouragement from kestrell, I sent him a note asking if a mere sometime blog-reviewer like myself might get one of those ARCs. Not only was he happy to do so, but it turns out that he is a fan of *my* work! "Thief and the Freedom Force games are in my top ten all-time favorite list." It is still wonderful and surprising for me to discover people who've enjoyed the games I've worked on.

While discussing this at work, I mentioned the long-known fact that Terry Pratchett is a huge fan of Thief, and plays user-made fan missions all the time. Someone else in the office mentioned that an ex-colleague of ours, Jordan Thomas, is apparently engaged to marry Pratchett's daughter Rhianna (who herself works in the game industry).

It's a small and interestingly-connected world.

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Somehow, I just find this wonderfully comforting and pleasurable.

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