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Game companies with a sense of humor.
Bar Harbor
Two games recently came out, each featuring open-world gameplay and a superheroic antihero main character. Snarky reviewer Yahtzee made a compare-and-contrast review that you can (and should) watch here. Seriously, go watch the video now, before going on with this post.

Having been unable to declare a winner in his 'scientific' test, Yahtzee declared that he would award victory to "whichever game's developer sends me the best picture of the other game's main character wearing a woman's bra." Much to his (and my) surprise, both game developers actually submitted such pictures.

(Incidentally, I have played both games, and give them thumbs up. Both have significant imperfections, but much fun regardless.)

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It'd be more surprising if they'd sent in pictures of them wearing a frog's bra.

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