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A delightful post on the uselessness of canon
Bar Harbor
Specifically about Doctor Who, but could be more broadly applied:

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I loved this. I especially loved WolverineGal's comment that the Doctor knows every story about himself and what he really misses is running around the playground with eight year old me (or you).

Exactly. I was with the writer all the way, shrieking with laughter about the Dawkins analogy, nodding along with many points, until I found myself saying "The Doctor Dances" *is* canon. Oops.

Ooh, wait a minute. Look at the sources he uses to prove that Doctor Who doesn't have canon: definitive statements from the creators, and in-world statements by the Doctor.

So, Doctor Who's acanonical nature is, in fact, canonical.

To be fair to him, though, he does point that out:

...if there was a Doctor Who canon (and assuming the Welsh Series was part of it) then it would paradoxically include the fact that there was no Doctor Who canon.

Oh, right.

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