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Kes is recovering
Bar Harbor
We're in postop. Doc says she did well and can come home after a bit of rest. She is snoring gently now while I hold her hand. Expect her to be completely out of it for at least a few days, and low on spoons for a few weeks.
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Hurrah! Send her our best wishes!

On an unrelated note, do you know from whence the "out of spoons" concept originated? I said something about being low on spoons to Rick the other day, and he stared at me blankly.

I first heard the phrase from LJ user Issendai and I asked my fellow access witch Jesse the K about it, and jesse_the_k"> pointed me to

Its author is Christine Miserandino,
Another early writer on similar topics is Ricky Buchanan. Xe's had a
LiveJournal forever at,
and also
blogs about AT for the Mac.

Of particular wonderfulness was An Open Letter to those without Fibro/

Fingers crossed. I hope this helps her headaches.

Glad to hear she's doing well.

My household appliance is on drugs. Horrible.

I was confused for a few seconds before the old, "Oh wait is that an icon reply" kicked in.

[evil laugh]

Higgledy piggledy
Spider Jerusalem,
Weirder than Gonzo and
Wilder than Duke,

Lives in a comic called
Working a job at which
Thompson would puke.

Goodthoughts for recovery sent.

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