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Strawberry Watch
Bar Harbor
Last fall, herooftheage had a landscaper come in and attempt to tame the strawberry plantation back into neat rows. The good news is that, due to his efforts, there will be less weeding to do this year. However...

The strawberries are having none of this "stay in neat rows" nonsense. They are already invading the "row space" in force. So the time I save in weeding may have to made up in strawberry re-planting.

Anyone out there have a yen for your own strawberry garden? If you take some of the plants from the row space, not only will I be grateful, but you'll get some guaranteed hardy-and-determned strawberry plants :-)

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sure. i would love some :)

Bought some of my own already. Since the fence is still up in the air (what a keen image) I've put them in pots for this year. No flowers yet, but they're leafing out well. Colder here in Chelmsford. The Ohio Ag page has been very useful in knowing what I'm getting into with them, plus the raspberries & blueberries.

You bought a strawberry plant?!? What were you thinking? Next you're going to tell me you'd go to a pet store to buy a kitten.

Hey, I didn't know y'all wanted to get rid of any!

"wanted" is perhaps a recent development, but we've had enough to *spare* for years now.

Clarification, just in case it's necessary: You have to come to Melville Keep to get the strawberry plants. The whole point of making the offer (from my point of view) is so that I won't have to deal with them myself :-)

Show up any time, no need to check first. Do try and take strawberry plants from the "rows" that are covered over with wood shavings.

Hey, it's a border war with the strawberries! Strawberry Fields Forever!

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