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New iPhone
Bar Harbor
I have a new shiny toy. I can't seem to sleep right now, so I might as well try posting with it. Internet access to Melville Keep is still being spotty at best, but I appear to be able to get online with this new toy via 3G. It does drain battery quite fast, though. Still getting used to the typing interface, but it's not bad, especially with smart autocorrecting (which at least is often right).

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There are a few things you can do to conserve battery. One of the more absurd suggestions is to turn off 3G, but that always struck me as missing the point. If you don't use Bluetooth regularly, turn it off. Set it not to prompt to join new WiFi networks. Turn the screen brightness down a bit, and turn on the auto-brightness setting. Another questionable value one is to increase the fetch time on your mail.

Oh, and on that shiny aspect, shiny is also slippery. I recommend you get a silicone case or some sort of skin to give a bit of grip and protection to the phone. The smooth, rounded plastic back sometimes acts like a bar of wet soap and pops out of my grip when it's most inconvenient. I've got some nasty cracks in the face of mine, which are visually unappealing, though they don't hamper the workings, because mine landed face down on the driveway one time.

Poking around for battery extender solutions, I came across these, which both purport to offer a bit of cushioning as well.

I think I'm going to get the first, which while having less of a cushion function, appears from customer reviews to be a more robust battery solution. More news when I have it...

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