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Neil Gaiman understands strawberries
Bar Harbor
From his blog:
When I am king I shall make out of season non-local strawberries illegal. They don't taste like strawberries. Every year in June I have to remind myself that actually, I like these things, and that sun-warmed strawberries fresh-picked in season are one of the heavenly delights of the world. It's those big red faintly starberry-flavoured things called strawberries that turn up the rest of the year I dislike.
Also, when the sun is shining as you pick them (alas! all too rare an experience this year!), they look like edible rubies, like something that belongs more properly in Oz or Narnia than the everyday world.

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And I have 2 gallons of them in my freezer (from my friend adamantine1's farm).

There will be strawberry mead in my future. Enough to share.

(Deleted comment)
I'll have you know that I come from a long line of Cornishmen and resent any implication that I might be involved in smuggling.

Import and export, certainly. Marine salvage, most definitely. But smuggling -- never!

(What state were you thinking of anyway?)

(Deleted comment)
how many state capitols feature a pasty store within 1000 yards of the dome?
Not enough! That was easy :)

If this traditional Cornish summer weather we're having here continues then I shall be making a lot more pasties. Comfort food FTW!

Re: rubies -- yesterday Eliza was playing Castle and she was healing her imaginary wounds with magical rubies, which she rubbed on the injuries. I thought of you and the gemstone thing -- was it emeralds that were supposed to heal?

Lots of gems were reputed to have special properties of one sort or another. You may be thinking of this quote, though:

"[An Emerald] ... doth both comfort and save, and being borne, it maketh a man to understand well, and giveth to him a good memory, augmenteth the riches of him that beareth it, & if any man shall hold it under his tongue, he shall prophecy anon."
The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus

"if any man shall hold it under his tongue, he shall prophecy anon"

Yeah, he's gonna say, "Wait, if I keep doing this, I'm gonna swallow—gurk."


Even rain covered they aren't less than awesome.

We had some fresh-picked strawberries over the weekend and Marsy decided that they were too good for canned whipped cream and so we made some fresh whipped cream to go with them. Yum Yum Yum.

My annual picking trip to Lands Sake in Weston has been thwarted because they don't let people in the fields when it is too wet and I spaced out on the date of their festival. I hope to find other local ones while there is still time.

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