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Maxim Insults and Injuries
Bar Harbor
I had a subscription to a magazine called Electronic Gaming Monthly. I say 'had', because they folded a few months back. Last night, in my mail, I found not one, but two issues of Maxim magazine, with stickers on the front explaining that the remainder of my EGM subscription was being converted to Maxim, and giving a snail-mail address to complain to if I preferred an actual refund. Damn *straight* I prefer a refund! And I find it insulting that Hearst Publications actually think that the one is a good substitute for the other.

I didn't want to trust to snail-mail speeds, as I want this dealt with ASAP (lest they send me more issues I don't want). So I went looking on their web-site. They did have an email submission form. After filling it out and clicking "submit", this is what you get in response:

You know, we could try and say this was part of the plan...

But guess what? We're too busy trying to act like we're working and not just looking at hot chicks to care.

<3 the Maxim Dev Team

I did eventually find a working form on an entirely different site, specifically for dealing with subscription issues. I added a complaint about the error message on the main site while I was at it.

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O. M. G.

I am actually sitting here going D:

Oh, what the crap! Trying to steal your money and more "Heh, boobies"/"We're all straight dudes here!" attitude? Nice, Maxim. Very nice.

Do you mind if I re-post this on my Wordpress blog?

You know what my favorite part of that is? The little teen texty heart "<3" before the signature.

Un. Believable.


Although maybe it's supposed to be boobies in a halter/bikini top.

And of course everyone subscribed to a gaming magazine must love to look at naked women.

To be fair (I know, I don't know why I bother...), I believe that Maxim does a lot of reviewing of computer games. At least, game companies quote their reviews a lot.

A few pages per issue is hardly the same thing as an entire magazine devoted to the subject.

Sure, sure...by all means, get your money back...after all, you can read their reviews online any time you care what they think. But it didn't strike me as a complete non-sequitor, as it seems to have struck some folks.

I only read it for the articles.

I have never read an article, but I did just pop over to their website and of the 3 big headlines, one is a video game review, and of the 5 small headlines, one is a video game review.

Again, not to say that Alexx would want a subscription, but in fact, they do review video games.

I only read one of the reviews. It was scathing. And funny.

I looked at the lack-of-nipples on the half-naked women, and read about how they lost their virginity. And looked at the thing about having sex with animals.

Sure, it's got plenty of different topics displayed. But some are more displayed than others. ;)

As it happens, I was looking into the question of the origin of the heart symbol today. It's believed in some quarters to come from the seed of the silphium plant, which was apparently used in antiquity as a contraceptive and thus became associated with sex. There's also various arguments that it originally represented (1) buttocks, (2) the pubic mound and (3) a spread vulva. In any event, there are apparently a lot of people who think it represented lust before love. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_(symbol)

(My, I didn't think that was going to be useful trivia so soon.)

[ETA: link fixed.]

Edited at 2009-06-18 12:42 am (UTC)

The heart does bear a resemblance to the heart icon. That might just be where it came from.

Oh, wait, I get it...

"Maybe if we show those gamer dorks a good time, they won't be such dorks!"

"a good time"="boobies"

Well sure, people who play electronic games are, by and large, 20-something straight white dudes. People who read Maxim are, by and large, 20-something straight white dudes.

It's a no-brainer.

On, um, multiple levels %^).

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