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Strawberry report
Bar Harbor
Got a harvest run in before the rain started today. About a gallon, and I didn't get through half of the yard. Please come visit us and take away strawberries!

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I'd love some. What would you like in exchange?

Oh no - you don't get to ditch your unwanted zucchini on us that easily.

But... but... I don't have any zucchini.

All I've got in my yard are the beginnings of a flower garden.

Seriously, we are at the point where there are strawberries rotting on the vine for lack of attention. You do us a service by picking them. Don't think you need to give anything in exchange.

You guys all at the Keep? (I'm horribly out of the loop of who is where.) I could swing by tomorrow after work.

De Keep of de Melville be full of de strawberries. Don't know when you get off work, but if it's still light, the picking will be good.

You want zucchini? It's not too late for me to take out one of the tomatoes and put in a zucchini.

...although the mind boggles at what your mutant powers would do to a zucchini plant....

Hm, we've almost eaten what we got on Sunday. I may well come by again. They are delicious. :)

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