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Brief after-action report
Bar Harbor
The performance went pretty well, and was well-received by the audience. Some excitement during the Harfleur battle, though, as CHip went way off his choreography and clocked me in the head with a sword. Good thing I was wearing an absorbent red velvet hat, as scalp wounds do bleed prodigiously. Li Kung Lo made an emergency backstage visit to patch me up, and the show went on, with most of the audience hopefully thinking it was just a blood pack. My performance was not the best it has been, but was pretty darn good under the circumstances. I must say that the lines in the latter half of the play about 'blood' and 'wounds' really had extra resonance for me.

Here's hoping tomorrow's performance goes smoother!

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Oh, dear!

I was hoping to come, but other things happened. I hope you have a great performance tonight!

(Deleted comment)
you did an incredible job, the very definition of a trouper. Rest up today and take good care of yourself, I am sure tonight will be great!

good grief, that is on beyond! am glad that you were well enough to keep going! amazing! and, pardon my paranoia, but please watch the wound ever so carefully as it heals...

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