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Strawberry status
Bar Harbor
Harvested a bit over a quart of strawberries this morning, and didn't quite finish the garden. That means that we are officially past the point of keeping up ourselves. Anyone who wants to stop by and pick strawberries from our front yard, please feel free. Really, we mean it.

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I'm planning to drop by this weekend, maybe Saturday morning.

Don't forget to set some aside for Ely!
They are most wonderfully delicious treats.

Let me know if you start to see those bad rot-to-ripe ratios you noticed last year, and WHERE you see them.

Unintentionally, I've ended up running an experiment this year with different kinds of mulch and tending in the different "rows" of the garden. So far I think the top row, which I've given lots of TLC to and was mulched early with finely chopped salt marsh hay, started producing the earliest and with the best fruit -- but you see it every day and I see it every week or so.

I'm hoping to be there tomorrow to touch up the weeding and mulch, btw.

--Susan the gardener

Re: Mulch and Rot....

The ratios weren't especially bad last year. It's just a fact of life about late June, once I fall far enough behind. It's worst when we get an extended period of rain, also.

The top of the garden is ripening first, and fastest, but that's actually the typical pattern, so I'm not sure how much of that is due to different mulching.

My memory of last year is that the top row was early but the fruit was not as good as other rows -- I thought that perhaps it was getting more sun, but also losing more water to evaporation. That's why I mulched it first.

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