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Plants vs. Zombies!
Bar Harbor
Some of you may wonder why I haven't been playing World of Warcraft lately. It's because my gamer-obsessiveness has been (temporarily) taken over by another game: Plants vs. Zombies! People around the office are saying things like "Game of the Year, so far."

PvZ is the fusion of two things I'm a big fan of: Tower Defense, and Popcap. It's got all the depth of a good Tower Defense game, with the accessibility of a Popcap game. It also has tons of charm and humor. These intersect in sometimes surprising ways. For instance, when you click on the Help button on the main menu, here is what you get:

Yes, this game is easy enough to learn, even if you've never played one of this genre before, that they can get away with making the Help button, literally, a joke.

Veteran gamers may find the first few hours of the game to be really easy. But the charm, the humor, and the pacing of new gameplay elements and modes, all contributed to hold my interest easily. And when you finish the main game, you're not *nearly* done. At that point they start to unlock tons of new modes, many of which I found to be extremely challenging, and almost all of which I found to be great fun.

It costs twenty bucks to download direct from Popcap, or a mere ten if you get it via Steam. There's at *least* twenty hours of gameplay here, if not more, so that's extremely good value for your entertainment dollar.

Currently only available for PC and Mac. When they make a version that works on the DS (or whatever my new phone turns out to be), I will probably buy it all over again.

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I love it! Thanks for pointing it out :)

I just finished P vs. Z. I'm down to playing the endless levels and doing the Adventure over with the random three for the second time (I'd hoped Crazy Dave would pick more than three; oh well).

Do you have a recommendation of what I should play next?

Nothing else has grabbed me quite so hard lately. If you're up for more Tower Defense, Gemcraft is pretty nifty, and browser-based. Do you have (playtime) access to a Windows machine? I know a couple other good, cheap, indie TD games, but they're Windows-only.

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