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Mis-Addressed Dreams
Bar Harbor
I occasionally claim that some of my dreams clearly *should* have gone to kestrell, but ended up in my brain by accident somehow. Last night, however, I seem to have gotten some of learnedax's dreams. The 'anxiety about learning all my lines for the play' motif *could* legitimately have been mine -- but it was immediately followed by 'anxiety about not having enough time to pack', and it is *he* who is moving today, not me! Also, far more LARP content in last night's dreams than is quite warranted for someone who has been out of that scene for ages. Methinks Morpheus got his Dorchester Alexen confused.

Hey, learnedax, did you get dreams about Game Design last night? Or was it a three-way mixup, with you getting dreams about Burlesque, and new_man getting my dreams?

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*brain asplodes from reading this*

Did you ever see the episode of Northern Exposure where Chris started having his (half-)brother's dreams?

Nope. Sounds like an interesting hook, though!

Well, I didn't dream about game-design, but I did have a lengthy, detailed dream about trying to debunk the claim that prior to the invention of the word "whale" those creatures were called "CVs", which may have stood for "cetacean voyager" or "celestial vessel" or something like that. I thought the whole idea was ridiculous, but there was some evidence that, if you looked at it a certain way, did support the theory that humans, having poor opportunities to view these creates, had referred to them as CVs for centuries, until - and this is where I see a faint connection to you - Shakespeare coined the term whale.

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