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Pre-production blues
Bar Harbor
I hope we finish pre-production on this project soon. I've been in it so long that, the other night, I dreamed I was writing up a detailed design spec for a tuna sandwich.
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Hey, don't throw that idea away! I'm sure there's some government agency out there that needs a detailed design spec for the tuna sandwiches in their cafeteria!

God, yeah. Prepro can blow sometimes. Assuming you've been in it since the last game launched... yeah, I feel for ya. There's only so much prepro you can do before it's time to DO shit and see if it works.

"Assuming you've been in it since the last game launched..."

Thankfully, that assumption is false. That would have been much, much worse. Had a nice nine-month break working on DLC for the PS3 release of BioShock. So refreshing to do a project start-to-finish in less than a year!

Yeah, that IS a nice feeling. Meanwhile as a consultant I just get involved in various games for 3-12 month sprints. But it's nice, I can be working on four games at once like I'm doing right now.

Extra bad: when everybody on the design committee in the dream hates pickles in tuna fish, but they all (except you) agree that the spec has to call for them.

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