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Buttery Dream
Bar Harbor
Had an interesting dream last night. kestrell and I were at a party at The Buttery. Unbeknownst to me, it was a moving party. Having been uninformed, I was quite surprised when the floor began to shake a bit, and I saw scenery start to move outside the windows. The house was taking itself across town, to a new location. (Apparently there had been some problem with ownership of the land.)

Actually, due to logistical issues, only the first floor and a couple rooms of the second floor were moving at first, the rest would be coming by later. (I suppose that the basement came along as well, but it didn't occur to me to ask.)

Once we arrived at the new lot, which was rather tight, madamebuttery went outside to fine tune the placement, and make sure the house was staying within the designated property lines.

The new location was somewhat smaller than the old one, so a few rooms were turned inside-out extra-dimensionally, and connected up to closets. the plan was to use them for book storage. There was some discussion of security issues, as once you have an extra-dimensional closet, you really have to put locks and wards on it, to make sure that Eldritch Horrors From Beyond don't wander into the house. I pointed out that, while this should suffice for dealing with most EHFBs, that particularly clever ones might disguise themselves as a favored book and lie in wait. (When I told this dream to Kes in the morning, *she* thought that having an EHFB disguised as a favorite book was a feature, not a bug.)

The move went quite smoothly. Apparently Jane slept through the whole thing.

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Your brain made an excellent story!

All the best stories come from brains!

But the spider stole them all.

I love it! This is such an appropriate Buttery dream.

(I wanna pet EHFB book all my own!)

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